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Kingdom Mercury always rising to the challenge

Kingdom Mercury specialises in the supply of temporary personnel to the warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and food sectors. It’s a demanding proposition at the best of times but in a super-tight labour market it’s especially challenging. But we are always there for our clients, supplying the right numbers at the right places at the right times: from the calendar-based peaks such as Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day to ‘anytime’ promotion-led spikes.

Our aim is to be best-in-class. And we do that by staying relentlessly focused on the 3Ps: people, partnership, performance.

Differentiating through people, partnership and performance

Without our fantastic people, we don’t have a business; that’s why we have worked hard over the years to build relationships and networks to ensure that we always have enough human resources on demand. That lets us supply labour that’s been inducted and trained to fulfil a whole host of roles, from general operatives to skilled positions such as quality controllers, line leaders, team leaders and forklift truck drivers.

If great people are one part of the success equation, then strong partnerships are another. Delivering consistently for clients comes not just from taking the time to understand their business but taking the trouble to get right in there alongside them. One of our major differentiators as a recruiter is the passion and commitment we show throughout the relationship.

We spend an awful lot of time with our clients physically based on their sites; that includes Kingdom Mercury directors as well as the senior management team. We champion the idea of daily check-ins to ensure that any issues and problems that might arise are dealt with there and then. It’s an agile approach that makes onerous monthly or quarterly reviews redundant as every single day we are there with the client reacting to events.

Knowing your client

As partners we are thoroughly invested in our clients and our clients’ marketplaces. We want to know what’s happening in their world, to be across the demands their customers are putting on them, so we can better embed ourselves and become a seamless extension of the production team. That’s the optimal scenario, working with clients’ production management, working with planning, getting a good feel for the short, medium and long-term and building a labour pool that aligns with all their objectives.

Because that is what it all comes down to – performance, the ability to consistently supply the appropriate level of resource precisely when it is needed. We have amazing people; we believe in partnership but ultimately it’s about bringing those two together to ensure we always deliver at moments of peak demand.

We have clients that will go from literally nothing up to 300, 400, 500 people; that takes a lot of coordination, with the various demands around transportation, shift patterns, different sites, inducting new personnel, or allocating those with experience. But that task is so much easier when you are living and breathing what your clients are doing.

We know when they need to pull it out of the bag for their customers because we are already pulling it out of the bag for them. That’s not just the job, that’s the Kingdom Mercury promise.