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Retired but thinking of a return to work?

Six reasons why Kingdom Mercury could work for you

If 2022 was the year of the ‘Great Resignation’ then 2023 could well be the year of the ‘Grand Unretirement’. Latest statistics show there are more people aged 50 and older looking for work than since just before the pandemic, with many of those seeking to come out of retirement. And while the cost-of-living crisis and a need to supplement pensions are driving much of this activity, they are not the sole reasons.

For some, getting back into the workplace gives structure and meaning to their lives, for others it’s a source of social contact and friendships, for others still it’s a means of keeping active, healthy and engaged.

It is, in short, a huge latent labour pool for a specialist recruiter like Kingdom Mercury – and we are keen to encourage as many ‘unretireds’ back into the fold as we can.

The great thing about the markets we serve – fresh produce, horticulture, warehouse and distribution – is that they are a brilliant fit for those seeking a later life return to work. And here’s why.

  • You can keep things flexible

    If you don’t want to work all the time, or in a fixed routine, you don’t have to. With temporary contracts, part-time jobs, and all sorts of day/night shift pattern options, we can fit your work around your life!

  • You can work as much as you like

    Even though our specialism is the supply of temporary labour for peak periods, there is always a peak happening somewhere. We are a genuine 52-week a year recruiter and we will always have jobs for committed individuals who want them

  • It’s a nice little earner

    Kingdom Mercury has some fantastic clients who understand the importance of paying well for a job well done. You’ll enjoy some very competitive rates and have access to plenty of temporary assignments if you want to keep the money coming in.

  • No strings, no stress

    Whenever and wherever you work, and whoever you’re working for, it’s always Kingdom Mercury that has your back. From a financial, operational and HR perspective, your relationship is with us, and our responsibility is to you. So no multiple bosses, just the one, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need for whatever job you’re on.

  • No experience needed

    Many of our operative roles don’t need any prior job experience, but ‘returnees’ always have plenty of life experience, which we value just as much, alongside common sense, courtesy, honesty, helpfulness, and diligence.

  • There’s something for everyone

    Whether you’re a skilled forklift driver who just needs a refresher, a former line leader who wants to get back in and get on, or you’re simply looking for something to fill your days that’s not too physically demanding, there will be an employment opportunity for you.

If you’re contemplating your own ‘unretirement’ this year and are in the Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire area, why not tell us about your plans and see if we can assist? Talk to one of our recruitment consultants today on 01205 368075.

Alternatively you can check the latest vacancies page.