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Why use a recruitment agency to find a job?

In this day and age, you can do anything for yourself. Think about booking your holiday. Thanks to the internet, you can sort your travel, hotels, hire car and extra tours and experiences all at the click of a mouse. No more having to go through travel agents! But the thing is, doing it all yourself takes time. You don’t always have the real expert knowledge of where you’re going. You don’t have anyone to ask for help when things go wrong. And chances are you’ll forget some of the critical paperwork. But by using an agent, you can often get better deals, be assured of nicer places, everything will be all sorted for you and there’ll always be someone to come to the rescue!

Now think about that through the lens of looking for a job. Yes, you can go the 100% independent route – writing a CV, looking for job opportunities, applying, going along for an interview. But you’ll have no idea about whether the company is a good fit for you, whether it’s the sort of job you really want; nor will you be sure of how best to prepare and present yourself or even where the best jobs are to be found in the first place. You could be a long time looking…and even when you find it, it may not be what you want.

Using a recruitment agency makes life for job seekers so much simpler. It minimises wasted effort and dead ends and maximises the chances of you getting into a role that really works for you. A good agency is like a matchmaker – it knows all the employers who have opportunities, it knows all about you and what you want, and it puts the two together to make the best possible fit!

What are the main benefits of using a recruitment agency?

There are the obvious advantages like time savings and just having access to a lot more job opportunities. But the biggest gain for job seekers is probably the professional and emotional support that an agency can offer. Job hunting can be lonely and dispiriting when you’re alone but with an agency behind you, you have someone who is properly invested in your success.

First, they’ll get to know you and your circumstances and the sort of work you’re looking for, be that short-term, part-time or full-time. They’ll help with CVs and interview preparation. Good agencies can often give you the ‘inside track’ on what to expect, which can boost confidence. They’ll know their clients – your potential employer – really well and know what they’re looking for, which goes a long way to making the right match. They can provide feedback too, if an interview maybe didn’t go so well so you can be better the next time.

Last but certainly not least, an agency will be keen to keep hold of good talent and help you with future jobs too, maybe even offering you a new opportunity that you would not otherwise have found or considered.

Why should job seekers use Kingdom Mercury?

Kingdom Mercury is a specialist recruitment agency ie we do our matchmaking in a particular sector, namely fresh produce, horticulture, distribution and warehousing. For job seekers thinking about work in this arena, our specialism means that we typically have more knowledge, more clients and more opportunities than a regular agency. It also means that we have built an agency service perfectly tailored to the very specific needs of this sector – from having our own transport fleet to deliver staff to site to streamlined payment and HR processes to on-site inductions and welfare workshops.

We do everything we can to ensure you are a success at your job, because that is good for our clients, good for us and, of course, good for you. And for those who become part of the Kingdom Mercury family, there will always be future opportunities when you need them – whether that’s in the student holidays, or term-time for parents, or night shifts for night owls, there’s a good chance we’ll have something for you. We encourage career development and skills learning as well so you can apply for more senior or higher paying roles – we take a lot of pride in our people going up the promotion ladder!

Why not check out our current jobs page and give us a call? Even if there isn’t something there that exactly matches your needs, then at least you can register your interest with us so we can get in touch when the right job does come along.