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On-site recruitment is a proper job!

Many suppliers and recruitment agencies talk about working ‘in partnership’ with their clients but too often this is just lip service, the term inevitably becoming devalued as a result. But it is fundamental to how we do things at Kingdom Mercury – so we don’t just talk about it, we demonstrate it by literally standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients.

And there’s no better example of this than our On-site Account Management service – a fully managed, on-premises managed service for the entire recruitment process. Being physically inside a client’s business, you very quickly get to understand it so you can serve it that much better.

We always have our finger on the pulse. The operational impact is impressive, bringing an immediacy, efficiency and agility to things that is hard to match when you are stationed remotely. Working in-house in this way, in true partnership, helps smooth process wrinkles, eases people’s concerns and oils the production wheels.

On-site benefits

On-site recruitment means our clients can directly tap into the knowledge and expertise of a management team that has decades of experience in the fresh produce, horticulture, warehouse and distribution sectors. It also unlocks a host of benefits including:

  • Rapid recruitment from application, interview and start date within days
  • In-depth and knowledge-based induction and onboarding for new starters
  • Thorough and efficient recruitment process to make sure new employees feel fully trained and happy
  • Management of wages processing directly with new employee for accurate and on time payments
  • Weekly and monthly reports per site showing Key Client Recruitment & Retention KPI attainment from Kingdom Recruitment Business Intelligence

On-site Account Management can make a big difference for our clients. We have been supporting a national retailer on a local basis with the service operating out of one of their major food processing centres. Not only have we been fulfilling roles more quickly than previously, but we are also achieving above industry average retention rates for new recruits. Job done!

If you are interested in getting a quote, please get in touch on 01205 368075 to speak directly to the Kingdom Mercury Onsite managed service team.